Open enrollment is almost here!

As you may be aware, a lot has happened in the world of health insurance over the last 12 months. There has been so much confusion surrounding “repeal and replace” of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many are wondering if individuals not qualified for a special enrollment period still need to wait for open enrollment to purchase or renew their health insurance plan for 2019. Despite all the recent enacted and proposed changes made to the ACA, open enrollment has not been eliminated.

Now is the time for individuals not enrolled in a group health insurance plan to renew or secure their individual health care coverage. Further, Medicare enrollment begins in mid-October and will continue into December, while open enrollment at does not start until November and will extend until mid-December. Although the individual mandate penalty has been eliminated for 2019 and beyond, some states may replace it with a state-based mandate requiring individuals to have health insurance or else receive a penalty.

Alternatively, AlieraCare is available year-round, not just during open enrollment, and can save individuals up to 40% on their health care plan. AlieraCare is not a health insurance replacement; however, It provides reasonably priced, state-of-the-art services including

  • telemedicine,
  • preventive and primary care,
  •  lab and diagnostics, and
  • urgent care.


Medicare enrollment:  October 15 - December 7

Open enrollment on November 1 – December 15

For more information contact our individual enrollment team at 913.333.3380.

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